Commitment is a stimulus that pushes us toward our goals. In fact, our c…

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The Conference System can comprehensively examine and modify the processes…

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The Conference System provides the conference manager with the aforementi…

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Financial management

Ability to manage the online payment by applying a variety of discounts and% as Management seminar / conference on tax incentives are applied to a variety of processes, addition Ability to insert a diversified financial jacks in addition to financial transactions online is the distinguishing feature of the system.


The main and most consistent basis conference management system We keep our customers’ information and privacy conference because the system will use to send and receive important information. We’re committed to the privacy of our customers and their business plans will be the first priority of our work in the system.

Designing conference website

Web Design Conference, with the most beautiful and most modern power modules so that all viewers Will attract and application concepts and strategic transmit the symposium or conference 100% Responsive unique distinction of sites designed our system with other similar systems.

Registration of the participants in the seminar/conference

Compliance with maximum precision and ease of automation participants in the process in a way that provides peace of mind for them And will prevent a repeat of the re-registration and repetitive. This comfort as you to get the best reports will provide conference management.


All participants in the conference, reports the registration process to the smallest output required And based on categories determined separately for the preparation of certificates, gifts or Proceedings And will be available for you to use them as needed and regular statistics and detailed output extract

Notification and advertising

Possible mass notification informing members and the timing of certain classified as SMS, E-mail or on social network managers need to send important messages News and information you unmatched peace of mind will cause you to convey key messages will provide


Given the growing need and speed in the world of scientific excellence, it is observed that numerous scientific conferences are being held at different levels around the world. The Conference System is an integrated web-based system for the management of international seminars and conferences. In this context, there are some modern facilities/applications to better hold the system-based conferences. The Conference System facilitates holding national, trans-regional and international conferences. Having used this integrated software, you will be able to dispose any additional and complicated process and proceed with the highest speed and accuracy in order to run all the infrastructure of an international event, including advertising, notification, panel organization and executive infrastructure, in less than a few hours. The Conference System has been fully designed and developed through all applicable and consistent electronic devices.

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