Conf System

Confsystem helps you to hold national, trans-regional and international conferences. Having resorted to such an integrated software, you will be able to easily, quickly and accurately undertake and implement fundamentals of any given international event, including advertising, notification, panel organizing and executive infrastructures. Besides, Confsystem is fully compatible with synchronized electronic tools.



The Conference Systemconsiders all the needs of a website administrator in terms of management offinancial matters, advertising,notification, etc. Actually,it works out toimprove the processes and performance. The following items can beenumerated as some brief services provided by this useful system:

Designingconference website:

The first need of anygiven seminar/conference manager is to possess a website through which he/shemay publish news and notices. Given the diverse needs and demands of websiteadministrator, the system can provide the desired operations.

News, the requiredannouncements, important dates along with reverse calendar, supporters,conference news, executive committee, special guests or VIPs, reviewers,workshop, venue information (hotels, about the city and touristic places), sitesurveys, statistics, … are among the most important items presented by thesystem.

It should be noted thatthe system features can be increased or decreased thereof.

Registrationof the participants in the seminar/conference:

The system is designed and administered in such a way that once any givenuser registers in the conference or seminar, he/she can send an unlimitednumber of papers.Besides, re-registration is impossible to repeat almost no onein the conference. In addition,the user may be notified on informationrequired during registration process.

Each user is providedwith a unique username and password. Once registered, the user may proceedall the required operations through his/her User Account.

In fact,online paymentand even the type of desired services may be accessed in accordance with therequirements of conference or seminar. Besides, various groups, VIPs,etc.may access the online registration and the user can select them optionally.

Paperacceptance :

The system allows userswith different conditions as well as different groups of users (such asstudents) to register in the website.

Papersubmission :

In this system, thepapers submitted by users may be registered as original or abstract and, then,they may be used in terms of type of desired activity.


When the usercompletes the process of paper submission, the operator can forward thepapers,as a group or individually, to the reviewer. The system standardsallow the reviewers to get access to one or more separate dashboards.Accordingly,each reviewer has a separate username and password. After thereviewer announces his/her expert review, the userwill be informed on the concerned paper status via SMS and E-mail.

The conference officialsshould approve the papers to be submitted to the reviewers. Furthermore, thesystem can refer any given number of papers to any given number of reviewersdefined in the system.

The websiteadministrator can online monitor all reviewing processes and(if web site officials confirm theresults) the review result swill be publicized.


The conferenceparticipants will have the opportunity to choose their place of stay on thebasis of the proposed hotels.

Besides, theparticipants can print their entry card before due deadline. In this regard,theQR Code paves the way for cross-checking via mobile phones.

Financialmanagement :

In this system, theonline payment is provided for all participants. If, for any reason, theuser does not have access to international and domestic payment network, he/shecan record the deposit receipt and complete the process using a variety ofmethods.

Furthermore,it ispossible to proceed to discounted payments. If the website administratoragrees, it is possible to apply the timed-discount.

The payment confirmation may be delivered in different formats.

Notificationand advertising :

In this system, thenotification process is done through sending SMS and E-mail, individually or ina group. Interestingly, the systemallows inserting diverse types of advertisements, brochures, etc. under thesupervision of website administrator.

Adjunct workshops andexhibitions

This system allows usersto enroll in adjunct workshops and exhibitions. Besides, it is possible toencode different locations of adjunct exhibitions.


The elegance andsimplicity are two important principles in designing the site through whichusers (with any technical knowledge) can easily use the site.

It is possible to changethe appearance and banners to better manage the site.


It is possible topresent a variety of separated and well-managed charts and reports.Actually,the site administrator can determine the access level so that he/she may monitorthe reporting process.


The late stand mostupdated programming modules have been projected for users and administrators.Given the various tested methods, it may be argued that the system benefitsfrom a stable and reliable process.


The site has a 24-hoursupport and it is possible to prepare a backup on a daily basis so thatinformation can be protected at the highest possible level of security.

Askus whatever you need :

Whatever you need as amanager of a seminar or conference can be realized via our system.