Designing the conference posters

Conf System

Confsystem helps you to hold national, trans-regional and international conferences. Having resorted to such an integrated software, you will be able to easily, quickly and accurately undertake and implement fundamentals of any given international event, including advertising, notification, panel organizing and executive infrastructures. Besides, Confsystem is fully compatible with synchronized electronic tools.


Posters are some simplevisual media and audiences must preferably establish a connection betweenthemselves and the conference poster.

Confsystem does its beststo adhere to the following 6 principles in designing the conference posters:

1) Attracting the audiences’attention through beautiful graphical designs and photos

2) Adhering to simplicityin designing (through graphical elements and colors)

3) Making use of attractive and beautiful fonts

4) Providing perfect andnecessary information

5) Making use of colorssmartly

6) Observe brevity and balance