Conf System

Confsystem helps you to hold national, trans-regional and international conferences. Having resorted to such an integrated software, you will be able to easily, quickly and accurately undertake and implement fundamentals of any given international event, including advertising, notification, panel organizing and executive infrastructures. Besides, Confsystem is fully compatible with synchronized electronic tools.


It is designated that the overall vision and policy of Conf system is bearing the following slogan during the current and future years: Specialization, Comprehensive Commitment and Dynamic Revolution. Consequently, it can clearly depict our future path.

This vision and policy indicate that Confsystem is seriously attempting to achieve aforementioned slogan through underscoring its key strengths, namely creative solutions, innovative services and novel systems, as well as spreading its new and fundamental values among partners, customers and staff. Besides, Confsystem endeavors to play its share in enriching our common experience.

As part of its vision in the next three years, the Confsystem attempt to turn into one of the most pioneering conference management systems in the world.

Given this, the approaches of Confsystem are as follow: promoting creativity, collaboration and talent. Since we are attempting to turn into the most pioneer conference system in the world, we all do our bests in this regard and feel themselves committed to promote the creative process.

We have turned the famous quotes of Walt Disney into reality which reads: “if you can dream it, you can do it”.